Manning Lab Meeting Notes - Thursday January 16th 2014


Go over the GBS epidemiological data for the STs in each strain – work on a better strain list with annotated STs

Michelle’s Work - Strains 112, 411, and 653 for RNASeq experiment (and RT-PCR experiment). Which strains are ST12, ST17, etc.?

read over pilus type and biofilm formation pathway information

Read over Cody Springman’s paper Selection, Recombination, and Virulence Gene Diversity among Group B Streptococcal Genotypes

Check in on Robert’s “million strain assay” and check his current RNASeq study for differentially expressed genes relating to the pH effect in biofilm formation. Check on the effect of pH on adherence in tissue and also biofilm production in vivo (mouse model?).

Read up on sortases


Remember to go over STs in the ShigaToxin Website

Check on USDA call for STEC screening in produce and other plants/soil.

Pull phage from E. coli genomes – do this for my own interests and also talk to Amy about her research here.

basal and/or growth of Shiga-toxin expression across STEC clades, see paper here: Variation in virulence among clades of Escherichia coli O157:H7 associated with disease outbreaks and Increased Adherence and Expression of Virulence Genes in a Lineage of Escherichia coli O157:H7 Commonly Associated with Human Infections.

Campylobacter stuff

Check on status of assembled Campy genomes from Illumina run from last year – assemble and annotate the genomes if I did not already do this(?!?)

Campy sample 456 mixed?

Pull Campy genomes and raw data and go over assemblies and annotations for public resources to compare to our in house strain genomes.

Spec*Taq*ular - our own brand of Taq polymerase?